A Happy Day for Daisy

A week after Daisy underwent the skin grafting surgery, the bandages were removed for reassessment of the wound. Unfortunately, the skin grafting did not take fully and she was required to stay in the hospital for further cleaning in preparation for a second skin graft.

After a few more days in the hospital, Daisy decided that she didn’t want to undergo a second skin graft surgery because she had felt extremely ill after the first one. She was missing her children and wanted to be home with her husband. After discussions with her doctors and Daisy, we decided to reunite her with her family in town if she promised to report to a local clinic for daily wound cleansing and dressing.

Today I met Daisy at the doctors office to see how her wound was healing and both myself and the doctor were amazed at her progress. The wound has healed beyond our wildest dreams and she is now able to leave the wound open and head back to the village to be reunited with her extended family.


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