More Medical Tests for Erin

After the CT Scan, we took the results to a paediatrician for a second opinion. The doctor suggested we do additional investigation into her thyroid function and begin growth charting.

The results showed that she was too small in all categories: weight, height and body mass index. Despite being 10yrs old, she is the size of an average 6-7yr old. At the doctor’s suggestion, we have put her on thyroxin to help her growth and will be monitoring her over the next few years.

While we were at the hospital, I took Erin to visit a week old baby that was being cared for by GUSCO. Erin was so excited to see the baby and was amazed when I explained that she had once been that small and was now 10x bigger than the baby. The baby was being kept in an incubator for warmth which added to the intrigue for Erin.

It was also a great opportunity for community building. The baby is an unaccompanied minor being cared for by an aunt. Erin’s aunt and the baby’s aunt were able to talk for awhile, which gave the aunt confidence that she too could care for an unaccompanied minor.

Hopefully in the future, EKU will be able to bring guardians of unaccompanied minors together on a regular basis. We are hoping these gatherings will act as a support group, where guardians can discuss challenges they are facing and possible solutions with other people in similar situations.

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