Senior School and Shopping Excitement

In addition to the children we empower in primary school, Empowering Kids is assisting with the sponsorship and empowerment of two girls in secondary school. Cara and Nicole are beginning Senior 1 this year and will be attending a boarding school.

Admission in secondary school is dependent on a child’s scores on their primary exit exams. This is one reason why it is important for children to receive a quality primary education. Children provide their top choices of schools and then schools invite the children that score within their admission range to attend their school.

Unfortunately Cara and Nicole did not score high enough to qualify for admission to their first choice, but were admitted into a wonderful Catholic secondary school that provides a quality education in a quiet and removed area. If they score well on the S1 final exams, then they will be able to transfer to their first choice for S2.

The first year of boarding school comes with a long list of requirements and so I decided to take Cara and Nicole shopping with me. I let them take the lead and control the shopping experience. I gave them the list of requirements and told them how much money they had to spend. I then let them do all the negotiations and decide when and what to buy. They did amazingly well and got all their requirements plus some extras for slightly less than budgeted. They had huge smiles on their faces as they took all their new stuff home to prepare to leave for school the next day.

The next day we loaded all the supplies onto a motorbike and travelled to school.


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