Empowering Kids in Uganda Society…

…empowers and supports Ugandan children that were born while their mothers were in captivity with the Lord’s Resistance Army. The children returned to Uganda alone either because their mothers passed away in captivity or because they were rescued without them.

We support and empower these children by:

  • Advancing education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards, and other forms of financial assistance to children born in captivity with the Lord’s Resistance Army, that will cover their school fees, medical costs, and cost of school supplies including books and uniforms.
  • Providing mediation, counselling and other supportive rehabilitation services to the above mentioned children.
  • Educating and increasing the public’s understanding of the history and struggles of Ugandan children born into
    captivity by delivering speaking engagements, through operating an informational website and through the utilization of social media.


Reuniting Child Survivors of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda with their families and supporting their development


Children with strong family attachments living healthy and productive lives


Attachment- EKU focuses on building and strengthening the attachment and relationship between guardian and child
Family- EKU recognizes that families are the primary source of support, guidance, skill development, and identity negotiation for children. We empower families to support children.
Responsibility- EKU believes that guardians are responsible for meeting the basic needs of children including clothing, shelter, food, and minor medical treatment.
Resiliency- EKU recognizes that children survivors face unique challenges and need mentoring and psychosocial programming to help them develop problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms.
Potential- EKU believes that every child has unique strengths that if reinforced will enable them to become successful and productive members of their communities and families.