Medical Support

Working with children means medical issues are never far away.

Some of the children we work with and some of their caretakers have chronic medical conditions; while other kids suffer from Typhoid or Malaria. As part of our support, we provide children with medical care when needed and work with other organizations to assist them with major medical issues. To date we have dealt with Typhoid, Malaria, Pulled Muscles, Worms and three major conditions requiring surgery. Below is one of our success stories.


Daisy is a beautiful young woman, a wife and a mother to two young children. She returned from captivity late last year and was joined by her husband a couple of months later. Daisy, her husband and two young children currently reside with her husband’s family. While in captivity, Daisy suffered a gunshot wound to her right knee and was treated in Sudan. This past November, the bullet wound reopened and her leg became swollen and painful; making her unable to walk. The wound was the size of her palm, right down to the bone and septic.

Empowering Kids in partnership with the African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims was able to get Daisy admitted to a local hospital for treatment. After three weeks of daily wound cleansing, she underwent surgical skin grafting and is now recovering well. Daisy was sure she would die from the wound or would have to have her leg amputated. With only a little support, she will now be able to live a healthy and happy life with her husband and children.