Quality and affordable education is a major concern in Uganda.

Everyone is worried about education for their children and they are all requesting assistance with school fees. Unaccompanied Minors in particular are often unable to attend school because of difficulties with school fees, or, if they are able to attend primary school, there will be difficulties when they reach secondary school and have to pay the increased cost.

We currently assists 18 children with school fees and school requirements. In addition, we do regular follow-up visits with all our children’s teachers, so we can learn of any problems or weaknesses quickly and address them.

Karen, James, Harry and Josh

Karen, James, Harry and Josh are four siblings that all returned to Uganda as Unaccompanied Minors. In total, their mother has sent back 6 children from captivity. Caring for 6 children is a big responsibility for anyone, let alone an elderly grandmother; and, as a result, the grandmother was going to refer all four children to an orphanage to guarantee them a proper education. The family cares deeply for the children and their home is clean, healthy and full of love. It seemed silly that the children should have to live in an orphanage over something as small as school fees. We stepped in and agreed to cover the school fees and requirements for all four children. With their education guaranteed, the children were able to remain with their family and they now live happily in their maternal home.

This has been true for many of our other children as well, where providing school fees enabled them to remain with or return to primary caretakers that provide a safe, loving and happy environment for them.